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A will can be challenged by an attorney in a Georgia probate proceeding on a number of grounds.

Some of the common grounds for Will Contests can be:

The time for filing a caveat or objection to a will in Georgia is typically 10 days after receiving notice of the Petition to Probate in Solemn Form. However, you should not delay in contacting a Georgia Will Contest attorney after the death of a loved one if there is a possibility of a will contest.

A trust can be challenged under the same grounds, as well as a real estate deed or a beneficiary designation on a financial account. There are many situations where the undue influencer will trick or persuade a weakened person to sign over valuable real estate, a bank account, or other property directly to the influencer, in the hope that they will have left the scene before the wrongdoing can be discovered. Sometimes, the undue influencer will be added as a beneficiary on bank accounts in place of the heirs to whom the decedent intended the account to pass.

If the wrongdoing is discovered prior to the victim's passing, a common way for a loved one to start to clean up the situation will be to create a conservatorship, which will allow the conservator to use the court's jurisdiction to reclaim assets that were fraudulently removed.

This firm handles its Georgia will contest cases on an hourly basis, and in some situations will take a will contest case on a contingency fee basis. Please contact one of our Georgia probate attorneys to learn more.

If you believe that you or a loved one may have been improperly cut out of a will or otherwise deprived of a rightful inheritance, or you have questions about a will contest, trust or estate, please call the law firm at (770) 386-8564 for a consultation.

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